KP x Husbando + a blog post


This came out… alright. I’m still getting the hang of watercolors (learning to be patient while the paper dries is the hardest shit jfc) so I fucked up a lot and went over it in Photoshop because it was a lost cause without it.

I really, really love the Kiss Players art style, though. I fell in love with the box art back in like, 2009, and being on a G1 kick lately has me sighing wistfully at all of Yuki Ohshima’s art of cute humans making out with giant robots. (And it really makes me want to go get my Kiss Players figures out of storage. They are literally the crowning achievement of my years of TF collecting.)

I also never thought I could get used to the robo-beard thing, but seeing as how husbando has one, I’m diggin’ it. I came up with this TF-sona for him back when we were still dating, but I’m almost as good at drawing for real car-parts now as I am random blocks these days, I’m giving him a makeover that includes actual! Cadillac! kibble! I should draw a full body version one of these days. Ohshima-style.

And wow, speaking of robo-beards, Crosshairs really belongs more in a steampunk Pirates of the Caribbean movie than anything else:

The movieverse’s design trend toward pseudo-realistic human silhouettes with uncanny valley faces for one half of the robot cast, and then dead-eye Furby faces for the other half just boggles the mind.

We don’t want Calvin Klein underwear model robots if this is what they’re going to look like. They can shed armor and look like this underneath, I don’t care. But kibble is half of what TF is about. This? This is just… eeugh.

I’d say poor Hot Rod fans, but really, as a Hound fan, “welcome to the club” is more appropriate. (Apparently the sadistic murder machine – not that all the Autobots aren’t sadistic murder machines in this universe – is a field medic now? Makes total sense. Not.)

On that note, been rewatching Xenoglossia again because why not (and because it’s got a super intriguing storyline about being in a romantic relationship with a non-human machine intelligence), I thought I was doing to be watching Brave Police again with a friend, but he’s working a lot now so probably not, and with the husbando I’ve been doing some random Star Treks and G1 Transformers.

Oh, and yes – the Combiner Wars youtube series is terrible.

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