The Beast of Bell Island part 17

It looked amazing from afar, but got a little more intimidating the closer she got.

“You really don’t have to,” he said when she hadn’t made a move yet.

“I’m just… deciding on where to start, is all.”

Jack chuckled. “You can start by putting your hands on it…”

So she did. Her palms went to the sides of his head, which was eye level when she knelt down in the nest created by his crossed legs. The member under her hands jerked at the touch and she tried to hide the excited smile on her face. “I’ve been… wanting to do this for a few days now,” Brooke admitted, sliding her hands up toward the head and back down the length of him.

“I’d be lying if I said it hadn’t crossed my mind either.”

Brooke blushed and gripped him harder, dragging her hands down and bringing the foreskin with them.

Jack sighed and reached for her hair to bring her closer. She kissed him at that little gather of skin on the underside of the head, letting her tongue dart out to lick him, and his sigh turned into a deep-throated groan.

“You look good with a cock in your hands,” he said, staring intently at her little ministrations.

“Even this one?” She meant one so big.

Especially this one.”

Brooke stroked him harder, using the real estate on both of her hands to squeeze and rub with all her strength.

“Wait,” he grunted, and reached behind him for something. It was a bottle of lube – a huge bottle of lube. He undid the top and squirted something like half a pint on himself; his cock twitched happily, and he deftly worked the slick down his enormous length, giving himself a few expert pumps before reaching down to smear the remnants along Brooke’s front.

“Hey!” Her breasts glistened, and Jack seemed to like that.

When Brooke went back to her double-fisted handjob, it was a lot easier now. Her palms slid up and down his hard member effortlessly, and the faster she went, the more Jack began to make noises of his own; all of them deep, all of them rough, and all of them thrilling to her like no other sound had thrilled her before.

But it was when she decided to put her mouth on him. It was such that his hot length rested snugly between her breasts too – the sight coaxed a grin from the giant and he reached down to rub at one of her nipples with a finger.

“Mmm,” she said against him. Jack agreed.

Brooke worked him for a few minutes, circling the top of the head or lapping at the slit with her tongue. She was getting turned on again, and she really, really wanted to see how he’d finish.

He gave a little experimental buck, catching her off-guard; Jack settled instead on a gentle rocking motion of his hips in time with her hands. When she opened her eyes and looked up at him – past the hips, the abs, the pecs, and up to his face – his eyes were dark and his lips were parted, showing teeth.

“I’m getting close,” he reassured with a whisper, running his fingers along her jaw and neck.

Brooke picked up the pace, hoping that she wouldn’t tire before he came. She rubbed him with her lubed up tits, stuck her fingers under the lip of his foreskin, licked and kissed and sucked every square inch of his cockhead. Jack’s breathing began to hitch in his throat, and the muscles in his belly began to tighten.

“Mm… yeah…”

She tried to speed up, but she was tiring, and it was a struggle to keep up with him. At that point, he gently pushed her away from his cock, onto her back against his leg, and took the helm.

“Hope you’re ready for a very big load,” he said with obvious strain on his voice as he wrapped a tight fist around himself and began to pump.

How big? I’ll get to find out shortly!

She watched his balls as they began to tighten, his belly as the muscles clenched with building pleasure, his face as he stared at her before him.

“This one’s for you,” he grunted. Then his body stiffened, his teeth clenched, his eyes closed. “Unh! Fuck!

He came, sending a small geyser of white spunk shooting into the air. Some of it dribbled down onto his fingers, some of it splashed across her belly and thighs.

“Oh!” She gasped at the warmth of it. Jack shook the final few drips onto her while he caught his breath. He let go of himself and leaned back on his elbows. “You weren’t kidding,” Brooke giggled. She smeared it around on herself like warm, gooey oil, slowing when she came to her nipples and drew little circles around him. “This is a lot.”

“Don’t tempt me for seconds,” Jack said with a smirk. He grabbed the towel to clean her off, then positioned her on his chest as he laid down. “How was it?”

“Hottest thing I’ve ever friggin’ done,” she mumbled happily against him.

“No regrets?”

“Not a one.”

“And not because you lost it to the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation?”

“Because I lost it to a generous, very handsome man who… did for me what no other guy has been able to do yet. And because he also happens to be twenty feet tall. You know, if I had my way, I’d want you to stay like th…” Brooke caught herself.

Jack’s brows lifted. “You… like me like this?”

Heat rose to her face and she turned away. “It’s… really hot,” she whined. “Your hands, your legs, your everything. The way you walk, the way your voice sounds, the -”

“Alright, alright,” he laughed.

They laid there for a while, with his fingers idly stroking her thigh, and her fingers drawing little shapes along his sternum. Sleep was beginning to droop her eyelids.

“You know, when you got here, I didn’t see any benefit to this at all. Now…” He paused to laugh again. “Now at least I know I’m not some unfuckable monster.”

“I know it’s cliched,” Brooke mumbled, stopping to yawn. “But looking on the bright side does have its uses.”

“Now that,” he said, yawning in response – it was quite the thing, a giant’s yawn. “Is not very Russian.”

Brooke spent the night with him like that, sharing his huge jerry-rigged bed. The chill air creeping in through the holes created by the ripped out doors made her cold, and at some point in the night Jack had put a blanket on her.

When the light coming in began making it impossible to stay asleep any longer, she opened her eyes and looked to see if he was awake. He was. “You’re not one of those weird genius types who only sleeps four hours a day, are you?” she asked, voice still heavy with sleep.

He chuckled, his voice made even deeper and rougher from the same. “Hardly. I’m just not used to sleeping with someone on my chest.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I… you could have kicked me off if -”

“Really, it’s OK,” he said with a smile.

Brooke went to go stretch, when her feet touched something. “Oh?” She looked behind her to see him firm and erect. She blushed and looked back to him with, she assumed, to be a surprised and questioning expression on her face.

“You don’t have to do anything about that,” he grunted. “It’s just morning wood.”

“Is that why you’re always up before me, then?”

“I figured it wouldn’t be polite to let your guest wake up and see her giant host with a giant hardon first thing in the morning. That sheet doesn’t hide much, you know.”

“Oh, I’ve noticed.”

A rakish grin spread across his face and he gave her ass a sudden squeeze. “If I’d known I was hosting a voyeur, I’d have been happy to put on a show much earlier,” he said. Brooke’s whole body blushed, and she licked her lips. But when he grabbed her, it was to gently set her on the floor so he could duck outside. “Now if you excuse me, nature’s calling.”

Brooke pouted, but still enjoyed the view as he disappeared beyond the courtyard and into the trees.

2 thoughts on “The Beast of Bell Island part 17

  1. Jizz doesn’t need an introduction, but a virgin might not know that. At least it wasn’t “SURRENDER DOROTHY.”

    The chest sleeping was the best part, of course.

    1. Oh man, too bad orgasm usually isn’t the time to pull pranks like that, otherwise he might’ve tried.

      Re: jizz, I figured she’s fooled around a few times but never got -her- happy ending because teenage boys suck at sex.

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