The Beast of Bell Island part 20

About an hour later, Brooke went with Jack to find Patel and bring him back to the house. It wasn’t hard, as he was screaming himself hoarse for help as he lay on the mossy dirt in a pathetic paralyzed heap.

Jack made a face as he picked Patel up by the ankles.

Brooke snorted. “Wash your hands after touching that thing, you don’t know where its been.”

“I swear to god Ilyin, I’m going to sue you for every goddamn penny you’ve got!” Patel yelled. “Gonna ream you so fucking hard in court you’ll feel it every time you sit down!”

The giant stood up and dangled the smaller man in front of his face. “You wanna be able to walk or not?” he barked. Patel flinched. “Otherwise I’d be more than happy to let your sorry ass lay there all night. Just wait until you have to take a shit.”

Patel looked like a vein was going to burst in his forehead, though that might have been from being held upside down. “Fine,” he said through gritted teeth. “Let’s do this your way.”

Jack deposited Patel into the wine cellar from the same trap door that she’d first encountered him through. By now he’d regained motor control, and demanded to be set down in something resembling a dignified matter, even though he was still wet from his reintroduction to the pool.

“Amos,” Jack said. “Get our guest a towel. If he asks you for anything else, run it by me first.”

“Of course, Master Ilyin.”

Patel pressed his brows together. “Run it by…? The AMOS understands that?”

“Does now,” Jack grunted. “And if you’re good, I’ll even attempt an explanation later.”

With that, the door was closed, and Jack let out a long sigh. He ran his fingers through his hair and looked to Brooke. She was now, apparently, his partner in crime. “How’d he get in?”

Brooke swallowed. “He said that the board of directors was going to meet in a few days to give you the boot. I… I guess I figured that this might…” She put her face in her hands and groaned. “I don’t know what I was thinking. I should have told him to go to hell!”

Jack’s big hand went to her shoulders, easily spanning the distance between them both, and gave a little squeeze. “He’s a smooth talker,” he rumbled quietly. “It worked on me too, once. Don’t beat yourself up about it.”

She nodded, leaning into his comforting touch.

He hummed, deep and low in his throat, and rubbed at his new close-cropped facial hair. It made a satisfying scratchy sound. “They were probably trying to avoid replacing me as CEO,” he thought aloud. “Knew it would burn a very big bridge, which is not exactly something you want to do to your lead engineer while a merger is on the table. Even if he did up and disappear for a few years.”

“How has Orcasoft stayed afloat without you?”

He cocked a brow at her and flashed a wry little smile. “How has Apple stayed afloat without Jobs?”

Brooke knew that a tech junkie would have gotten the joke, but not her. She shrugged and shook her head helplessly.

Jack’s shoulder squeezing turned into full-on back rubbing as he explained. “They haven’t had an original idea since his death,” he continued. “Not in the hardware or software departments, at least. They knew this would be the case, so they’ve switched tactics, focusing on what the remaining star players know how to do: repackage the product and market the hell out of it.”

“So that’s what Orcasoft has done.”

“Patel was never a great engineer; decent programmer, but he couldn’t keep up with me. What he could do was run circles around me with numbers, though.”

“He’s a salesman.”

“Exactly. Nothing more.”

Brooke started for the pool and Jack followed. She could feel his footsteps behind her. “So what do we do with him? We can’t just keep him here, that’s kidnapping. Somebody’s bound to call the police, and I’m not sure if that magic’s going to protect you from a SWAT team.”

He slipped into the deep end of the pool and rested his elbows along the edge, thinking. “We string him along,” Jack decided. “Make him think I want to talk, that he’s got the upper hand; he might be inclined to stay for another day or two without finding out whether he can make it all the way to the dock again.”

“But the board meeting…”

“They can’t remove me from the company altogether, I still have majority shares.” Still, she could tell that this bothered him.

“The company you founded has lost all faith in you,” she murmured. “That’s not going to be easy to recover from, no matter what role you take going forward.”

A sad, bitter look creased the corners of his eyes and he inhaled sharply. “At least I have a ‘going forward’,” he said quietly. “For a while there, I wasn’t sure if I even had that much.”

It was her turn to put a hand on his shoulder, though it looked absolutely tiny against the expanse of strong flesh. “I know, Jack. I know.”

The best thing to do, Jack eventually decided, was to call up his old lawyer. He ignored many an attempt at her getting in contact with him over the years, and it was high time that she help him out now that his old life was coming back with a vengeance.

Brooke watched out the window of the office as he paced, brow furrowed with unease, on the lawn outside as he spoke with her on the phone. Amos had just notified her that her father had tried reaching the house, and she was upstairs to return the call now.

“Well,” came Martin’s voice on the other end of the line. He sounded a little stressed. “I found her.”

Brooke immediately knew there was a catch. “You found her but…?”

He sighed. “She’s at a hospital in Los Angeles. “Her car was t-boned by a semi three days ago.”

The young woman gasped. “My god, is she OK?”

“She was released from the IC this morning, but… still not in great shape.”

Brooke chewed her lip and did some pacing for herself. “One of us has to get down there, ASAP. Shit’s hitting the fan… Patel’s here.”

“Patel is there? Right now?” Martin cursed – he rarely ever cursed around her, and she could feel him sweating bullets. “I told him that I got what he wanted, that I found out Ilyin wasn’t dead, and that he’s been on the island. I have no idea what he’d…”

“Orcasoft wants to strip him of any say he’s got in the company now. I don’t think Jack had ever intended to sell, and Patel knew this years ago. This is his golden opportunity to take over. You did all he needed for you to do: find him, so he could follow.”

“Have you ever thought that maybe Ilyin shouldn’t be running that company? Aside from the obvious, he seems to be a little unstable. Maybe Patel’s better suited for the job.”

“Patel stole from Orcasoft. Jack wanted to forgive him so badly that he never even took him to court after he found out about the cooked books.” She sighed. “He’s a nice guy, dad – really. I think this thing did what it was supposed to do. Shake him up a little. But now he’s learned his lesson and he needs to get back to Seattle before Patel signs away all his hard work!”

Martin was quiet for a moment. “I’ll get on the next flight to LA,” he said. “Should be at UC Medical before dinner.”

“Thanks, dad.”

“No, thank Mr. Ilyin.”

She opened one of the windows near to where Jack was standing and thinking, and called over to him.

“What’s the verdict?”

“She told me to release Patel right away, that even if there’s no apparent physical mechanism for keeping him here, he could still claim that he felt his life was in danger.”

“Is she coming?”

Jack nodded solemnly before looking down at himself and grinning a little. “She wants me to sue.”

“Not sure how you’re going to be able to establish culpability, though?”

He shrugged. “Maybe we could set a precedent for cases concerning magic.”

“Yeah, about that… my dad finally found your spell-slinging perp.” Jack perked up at this. “She’s in an LA hospital after getting into a bad car accident, but he’s on his way there right now.”

Jack snorted. “What, her magic couldn’t save her?”



“We should go check on Patel. There’s nothing we can do until we hear back from my dad.”

“So that’s what happened, huh?” Patel said stiffly, though still trying to look casual as he sat at the teak dining set by the pool. His clothes were still a little damp and it was obvious that he was physically uncomfortable in them. Serves the bastard right, Brooke thought. “You caught some of that Illuminati shit.”

Jack just glowered at his business partner; it was obvious that he was physically uncomfortable to be talking to him. “Something like that,” he grunted. “Why are you here, Gary?”

Patel scoffed and adjusted his glasses. “Because I need this deal to go through, and I need it to go through smoothly.”

“What makes you think I’m going to help you?”

“Because if you don’t, I’m going to make sure this place is crawling with military before tomorrow. They’ll be dropping commados from planes when I’m done telling them about the threat to homeland security I found here.” Patel sat up straighter at saying this, adjusting his tailored suit jacket as though he wasn’t still soaked to the bone. Brooke knew that body language: the man was convinced he had the upper hand. And maybe… he did. “There’s 87 shares separating us,” he went on. “You’re going to sell me 88.”

“That’s insider trading,” Brooke noted, cocking her head at Patel.

“Bitch, nobody asked you.”

Jack was on him faster than she could wind up a fist. “You wanna go for another swim, little man?” he growled, squeezing until Patel let out a strangled cough.

“Alright!” he wheezed. “I get it! Be nice to the furniture!”

Patel landed in the pool with a painful slap against the water’s surface. That was gonna hurt.

“I should have pressed charges when I had the chance, you viblyadok,” Jack said when Patel surfaced again, utter disdain on his big face. “My mistake.”

“You’ve always made things more goddamn difficult than they need to be, you stubborn fuckin’ Ruskie. Get your head out of your oversized ass, Ilyin! Your time with Orcasoft is – say it with me – over.” Patel hauled himself out of the water again. “We don’t need you anyways. Scott’s been writing fantastic code lately, and we hired a couple kids from Caltech last year. Not only can they design circles around you with the robotic interface systems, but their fingers can fit on the fuckin’ keyboards!”

Jack’s jaw was set and the tendons in the back of his hands flexed as he squeezed his hands. Brooke was beginning to see that his pride in his work was one of his few proverbial pressure points – insult that and you are guaranteed to cut close to bone. She scowled and felt her own hands balling.

Ukhodit,” the giant spat.

Patel barked a laugh. “Oh! Can’t handle me all of a sudden, huh? What happened to the big talk, big man? You’ve lost and you know it. This is the -”


Patel was sent stumbling backwards when Brooke’s fist collided with his nose, and he landed, for the third time in a single day, in the pool. Except this time there were little red swirls from where his blood was gushing into the water, and his glasses sported a few handsome cracks.

Ow,” Brooke hissed, clutching her hand. That would hurt for a while, but it was worth it.

Jack just laughed; it was a booming sound that filled the air. Patel groaned in pain, holding his face as he made his slow way toward the steps at the other end.

He knelt down beside her and held his massive hand up for a high five. She gave him one with her uninjured hand. “Glad you did that and not me,” he chuckled. “I would’ve caved in that empty skull of his.” Then: “Amos! Show our guest back to the docks. I’ve heard enough weasel words for one day.”

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