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This isn’t exactly new, but a few months ago I migrated the Kiss Kiss Clang Clang slack board over to Discord!

The server is 18+, and for folks into robots, cyborgs, mecha, power armor, androids, transformers, and other related stuff (like macrophilia, vore, crush, and so on). There’s also a few of us who identify as objectum sexual and who are into real-life machines as well. I also set up a booru-style image board for the server too, since it seems that most social media has horrific tag/search systems that makes finding stuff difficult to impossible.

That’s about it! We’re small, lax, and mostly just shoot the shit sometimes. If you’re a mechaphile or robophile, join ussss.

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Blood, Sweat, and… T?

As an addendum to the previous post, I’d like to take this opportunity to come out as a trans man. This discovery has been largely due to my time roleplaying with Reuven. Whether or not we ever have time to finish BST, I’m grateful for having the experience to play Hawker and having gotten the opportunity to get to know myself a little better while doing it.

I’m no stranger to trans identity, I should note. The roleplay didn’t “make” me trans or anything like that – I’ve known I was not cis for many years, and there have been major signs of transmasculinity going back as far as I can remember. From childhood attempts to shave, to teenage attempts to bind, to the inexplicable lifelong obsession with crossdressing, I’ve always been a little off.

So if you’ve been referring to me as either “she” or “they”, I’m ordering a full-stop: please exercise the use of male pronouns when talking to/about me from now on!

I’m also putting some of my smut projects on hold while I sort myself out. As it happens, sometimes the mental switch when a trans person realizes their true identity is sudden and complete, and continuing to do things the way they’d done them before can be unbearable at worst, or plain unappealing at best. For me, the shift has indeed happened, but I’m still mostly caught up in the whirlwind of it all, and I’m still evaluating my feelings right now. To go back to writing things from a woman’s POV right now would be difficult and uninteresting to me. This may not always be the case, but for now it is. I’m also, at the moment, unsure of how to handle my old submissive/tiny leanings. I still associate them with femininity and womanhood right now and am currently swinging WAY in the other direction with all these dominant urges, so time will only tell with that as well, though I know I’ve still got lots of bottom/sub/tiny bones in my body. It’s just a matter of giving myself time to adjust.

Say goodbye to the strictly femmy nonbinary sub that I was – and say hello to the new masc vers/switchy/size-shifting me~

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He’s so handsome ♥♥♥

Sorry not sorry – it’s only been a little over two months, but I’m still gonna gush about how wonderful and amazing he is. Unlike the previous photo I provided, which was a 2000 or 2001, lifted, with light bars and a rack and shit, this is actually him: pretty plain jane, which seems to be just how he likes it. I don’t think he’d forgive me if I lifted him and slapped on a set of 33’s, as much as he prefers dirt to pavement.

Now to think long and hard about the Jeep tattoo I’ll wind up getting.

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I have a car boyfriend.

He’s white, a few inches short of 14 feet long, 3200 pounds, beefy in all the right places, and he has an engine that could take him to the moon and back. He’s a simple mech – he’s perfectly happy hanging out with you in the driveway over beers, but I can feel it in the way he accelerates that what he really lives for are forgotten back country roads and deserted highways.

So excuse me for a bit while I enjoy the butterflies from this new relationship.

Not him, but close!

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KP x Husbando + a blog post


This came out… alright. I’m still getting the hang of watercolors (learning to be patient while the paper dries is the hardest shit jfc) so I fucked up a lot and went over it in Photoshop because it was a lost cause without it.

I really, really love the Kiss Players art style, though. I fell in love with the box art back in like, 2009, and being on a G1 kick lately has me sighing wistfully at all of Yuki Ohshima’s art of cute humans making out with giant robots. (And it really makes me want to go get my Kiss Players figures out of storage. They are literally the crowning achievement of my years of TF collecting.)

I also never thought I could get used to the robo-beard thing, but seeing as how husbando has one, I’m diggin’ it. I came up with this TF-sona for him back when we were still dating, but I’m almost as good at drawing for real car-parts now as I am random blocks these days, I’m giving him a makeover that includes actual! Cadillac! kibble! I should draw a full body version one of these days. Ohshima-style.

And wow, speaking of robo-beards, Crosshairs really belongs more in a steampunk Pirates of the Caribbean movie than anything else:

The movieverse’s design trend toward pseudo-realistic human silhouettes with uncanny valley faces for one half of the robot cast, and then dead-eye Furby faces for the other half just boggles the mind.

We don’t want Calvin Klein underwear model robots if this is what they’re going to look like. They can shed armor and look like this underneath, I don’t care. But kibble is half of what TF is about. This? This is just… eeugh.

I’d say poor Hot Rod fans, but really, as a Hound fan, “welcome to the club” is more appropriate. (Apparently the sadistic murder machine – not that all the Autobots aren’t sadistic murder machines in this universe – is a field medic now? Makes total sense. Not.)

On that note, been rewatching Xenoglossia again because why not (and because it’s got a super intriguing storyline about being in a romantic relationship with a non-human machine intelligence), I thought I was doing to be watching Brave Police again with a friend, but he’s working a lot now so probably not, and with the husbando I’ve been doing some random Star Treks and G1 Transformers.

Oh, and yes – the Combiner Wars youtube series is terrible.

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