Voretron! Part 2!


So a little change to the Patreon: I am STILL uploading comic pages, and ONLY charging for those. That’s not changing. I will, however, be waiting until I reach a certain pledge milestone before I start posting other work exclusively to the Patreon feed. I’m still holding off on higher-resolution art here and elsewhere, but nothing will be exclusive except for the comic pages.

So stay tuned for arts~

(I’ve been drawing a lot lately thanks to the Slack. ;D)

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coupla dood(le)s


Came up with this guy for a RP that may or may not happen – it was fun to draw at any rate. His story is that he’s a 15′ genetically engineered, cybernetically-enhanced human who was bred to protect a certain powerful family during an alien invasion. I hope that it works out! If not, at least I got a new character out of it I guess.

PS- No, you cannot RP with me.


And this? idk, someone posted a porn gif to tumblr that I felt compelled to redraw with these two. :y

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