I’ve Started a Patreon!

If you appreciate the work I do, whether its fiction or illustrations or comics, please consider becoming a Patron to support my work!

What do you get for being a Patron? All sorts of stuff!

  • You’ll get access to a Patrons-only stream of art, ramblings, works-in-progress, and other free stuff that I haven’t even thought about yet. (Links to livestreams? Illustrated Q&As??)
  • You’ll have the chance to win a complimentary commission every gosh-darned month, even if you pledge only a $1 per paid update!
  • You’ll get to see hi-res illustrations and paintings where everyone else gets a smaller, lower resolution web size.
  • You’ll get to read my hi-res comics as I finish them, (including a complementary PDF download) while everyone else will have to pay per issue and wait ’til its done!
  • You’ll get to suggest illustrations, or pick from sketches I’ve done, for me to finish.

So what’s there right now?

My first project is to redraw and finish my comic Neutrinos Or Something, which was really sloppy and not to my personal standards. It’s going to be 25 pages, posted twice a month, with lots of little freebies posted in between. (You’ll only get charged for finished pieces, including comic pages and painted illustrations, which will never happen more than once a week.) Neutrinos Or Something will start updating August 15th, where I will make my first paid post.

After that, I’ve got two more comic ideas, true to KP form, but other than that, it’s up to you guys and what you want to see!

Become a Patron!

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[ITS] Chapter 0: The Crash

It doesn’t take a viewscreen to see the planet below the ship; it’s completely filled the view from the windows that jut out from the front of the bridge. And it’s a view that the crew of the Ntassntek, as it’s called in the common tongue, have been anticipating for a while now: since they departed for it from the other side of the galaxy.

The captain, a Ntaa of impressive stature, sits eagerly in their chair, staring intently at the vast, blue oceans of liquid water below, watching as their orbital speed has them gently floating above an enormous landmass now creeping into view. They’ve never been here – none of their crew has – but they’re here to do a job, and one that should never have needed doing. Get in and get out, is the only thing that’s on their collective minds right now.


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