About KP

Hi! I’m KP, or Kisupure. I’ve been in the community for a while with a focus on GT/SW and robot/human.

Other things I’m into:

  • Men at the top of the food chain: M/f, M/m, M/m/f, M/x.
  • Military and uniform kinks. And not the nice, clean, dress uniforms either.
  • Guns, ammo, and ordnance.
  • BDSM done right.
  • BDSM done wrong.
  • Dominant men of all temperaments.
  • Negotiating consent given unfair/unequal circumstances.
  • Everything short of non-con.
  • Objectum sexuality.
  • Did I mention big, dominant men?


Unless you’re paying me to draw one of my characters, no.


If it’s up my alley and I have time.


Believe it or not, but I’m up for RPing! I have a dominant/top profile at F-List here, please read it before contacting me. I will also play bottoms, but I am much pickier about what tops I want to play with. (Inquire within for that F-List profile.)

I require care, cleverness, and good communication from my RP partners either way.

My Other Profiles

SW RealmDaddy’s Dollhouse Eka’s Portal • Discord: kisupure#9437

My kink is LGBTQ+ friendly.

That is all.