Goo Gone Wild

Macro + dronification + latex + goo monster + pheromones + cock vore + endosoma. Yeah, you read that combination of tags correctly. And it was a blast to write! I’d like to thank the users and wacky conversations we have in my Discord server for inspiring this one. Y’all are great.

The expedition was going well, you thought over coffee as the sun rose up over the large, densely forested moon. It reminded you of Amazonia, except for being a little more purple and a lot less inhabited by large animal life of any kind. Mostly, it seemed, the junglescape was populated by bugs and strange fungi.

It was pleasant, solitary research. Sample collecting, mostly. Today you were hauling around probably three-dozen tubes into which you were busy scraping interesting bits of color off rocks and tree trunks. Most of what you’d been studying these past few days was still far beyond your ability to explain. But that’s what drew you and the other researchers currently scattered about the planetoid.

Still, there were a few things you knew for certain, like how it was safe enough to take your shirt off while you worked because this planet hadn’t evolved flight yet, and according to the computer, the airborne chemicals were harmless to your physiology. What was harmful to your physiology, though, was sweating in the heat for no reason.

But at some point in the afternoon, just as you were pausing for a drink of water, a bit of condensation dripped on your shoulder from the tree above, and by instinct you wiped it away.

“Oh hell,” you mumbled when you saw the small black smear on your fingertips. You glanced up to see if it was something you should be worrying about, but there was nothing there, and your team didn’t know this species of tree to produce any kind of sap. What was it?

You raised your fingers to your nose, and noted the sticky-sweet aroma, like caramelized sugar.


When the smear didn’t seem to have any effect on your skin, you opened a tube and wiped what you could inside of it, noting your coordinates and the strangely pleasant smell. Then you rinsed your fingers off and continued to make with the science.

That night you dozed off in your tent, sprawled on your sleeping bag because it was too warm for much else, and all with the light still on and your journal entry half-finished. In fact, you could safely say you were in REM sleep when the weirdness started because suddenly you were dreaming of a pretty young thing with their mouth at your dick, which they began coaxing to life. Oh god that tongue on you, those fingers – you were hard in no time at all. But the sensation changed, and you became aware, very distantly, that something was actually touching you.

Groggily, you opened your eyes and looked down.

Your cock, rock hard, was covered in warm, black goop.

“Holy f– !”

You sat up, mouth hanging open, fear written across your face.

The goo, whatever kind of substance it was, reacted. It quickly retreated from your member, parting into a semi-circle from thigh to belly to thigh. That surprised you too.

“Oh god I hope this isn’t some revenge from earlier… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to smoosh your cousin back there!” you hissed, trying to wipe it away now.

But the blob avoided your hand, fleeing to other parts of your legs and stomach whenever you got near. Could it be… sentient?


You paused, thinking. It was probably about midnight local time, and you were still a bit foggy with sleep. But it seemed to you that an unprecedented discovery was waiting for you here.

“What if I…”

You chased the blob of black gel over to your right knee and corner it, palm open. You got within a few inches, then slowed down, hovering.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” you said slowly. Then you kicked yourself, because only idiots ever actually expect that to work. “I come in peace?”

The goo seemed to react positively to this, gathering itself into a tighter shape and eventually, a protuberance of it emerged. Amazing!

The black tendril, glistening in your lamplight, extended the inch and half to the palm of your hand, forming a hand of its own, and brought it to yours. You felt a little dot of warmth where it touched you, and something in the back of your head told you that you had nothing to worry about.

“See? You’re safe.”

The goo slithered back to your belly, and you gave a little laugh.

“Now what in the world are you…”

As if in understanding, the goo then separated into many droplets. Droplets like the one that landed on you earlier. Uh oh. So that was one of them you killed!

But the little glistening drops started moving back toward your cock, which was still hard, and oh mother of Mary how was that so good?

And wrong! Very wrong!

“H-hey, hey! Stop jackin’ me off!”

The drops did as told, gathering once again on your belly. They didn’t stay like that for long, though, and in dumbfounded surprise, you watched as each one shaped itself into a tiny, Polly Pocket-sized humanoid figure. Each one perfectly adorable in proportion, and each one shining like it was made of black enamel.

And all together, they got on their tiny little knees and bowedto you.

“Computer,” you said aloud, not taking your eyes off the tiny creatures. “Why are they obeying me?”

A chipper, synthetic voice responded from the holo-slate on the floor by his sleeping mat. “Please narrow your inquiry.”

You muttered a swear and tried again. “Scan for changes in my bio-readings with reference to this morning. And hurry!”

“Scanning. Please exercise calm, doctor.”

“Shut up and give me the results!”

“Analyzing. Thank you for waiting. Your bio-readings are 99% unchanged or within normal parameters.”

“What’s that one percent difference?”

“Due to not having eaten in six hours, your insulin levels are several points lower than –“

‘That’s not the only thing, computer.”

“You appear to be emitting an unknown airborne protein molecule from your sweat glands.”

You frowned and went to sniff your armpits.

Caramelized sugar.

Oh man.

You looked back to the tiny, glossy figures gathered around your hips. There’s only one more test for you to do.

Slowly, you extended your finger towards one of them. “C’mon, I just need to give you a little sniff.”

Somehow understanding this, not one but three climb on, and you couldn’t help the amused grin as each one climbed on in its own way, vying for real estate on the appendage. Then you carefully lifted the warm little globs of people-shaped stuff to your nose to get a whiff.

They smelled of sugar too, but faintly, and there was a note missing.

“I smell like your queen now, don’t I?” you murmur out loud, watching the little figures keen on your finger in a way that, if you didn’t know any better, you’d call suggestive.

Then one of them paused and nodded right at you. Then the other two nodded. Then, when you looked down, the rest of the little goo critters nodded, all in unison.

You looked on, eyes wide. That was unmistakable communication for sure.

When your hand lingered in the air for a little too long, though, the trio of figures on your hand revered to a single blob and you watched as they raced down your arm, down your chest, and reformed themselves at the base of your cock again.

That was pretty unmistakable communication too.

You watched them move like a swarm of bees, or a wave wanting very much to crash against you. It was if it – they? – needed it.

Maybe this was part of the thing’s natural reproductive cycle. Was it in heat? Was this the special breeding goo in the goo colony?

One thing was for certain: if you were suddenly appealing to them for emitting their queen’s pheromones, then your junk probably reeked of it the most.

Some of the little droplet people couldn’t seem to help themselves. They crept closer to the root of your shaft and the swell of your balls, pushing their luck.

“Fuck it,” you grunted, and leaned back onto your elbows to watch the show. “If you want it so bad, your king acquiesces.”

With a surge that almost appeared joyful, they covered you again. A hundred little things climbed you, squeezed, applied pressure. It was desperate and haphazard, but the smooth, slick warmth was out of this world.

You groaned and your dick throbbed, hardening almost fully under the attentions of this little alien hivemind.

“Didn’t think I’d find anything here this hungry for cock,” you joked huskily. As you watched, about a dozen of the little things had made it to the end of your shaft, and were now exploring the folds of skin, the change in texture, and eventually, you realized, your hole. Spurred on by this discovery, they seemed to forget their individual forms and began conglomerating into a single glob again as they paid very careful attention to the pre that had worked itself out.

The pleasure for you was intense and nothing like you’d ever experienced before. The creature was slick when it needed to be, strong enough to apply pressure in response to your favorable reactions, and curious in a mindlessly adorable way. Wait, did you just call the goo adorable? Ah, whatever.

Just then you gasped as the glob focused its attention to the head, somehow applying suction to your cockhole.

“You like the taste of that, huh? If you can make a mouth, I’ll be happy to give you more.” The goo released you and perked up when you spoke. “A mouth,” you repeated, pointing to yours. For good measure, you stuck out your tongue. “You can blow me with it.”

The goo broke up again into six parts this time, each one forming a figure about four inches tall. If they were that big, you decided, then that generic, featureless body would not do. Some modifications were in order.

You held your hand out to one, and compliantly it stepped in. Gripping it gently by the waist, you held it up for the others to see, and point. “Do as I do.”

The goo critter laid down in the palm of your hand as instructed, and you found yourself wide awake now. You took the waist in two fingers again and pinched, creating something more tapered than before. Then you gently pinched at the chest too, forming a bust. With the side of your pinky finger you pressed a cleft between them. The featureless head of the goo creature looked down on itself, dispassionately surveying the requested changes. Then, with a smooth little arm, it touched the new shape of the chest, pressing the “breasts” together and letting them fall back into place with a very satisfying jiggle. You swallowed, then touched them again yourself. They kept their voluptuous shape as you fondled the tiny mounds, and blood rushed to take your already firm cock well into rock hard territory.

By the time you set it down, the others had already modified their forms as well. You hoped they’d remember to give themselves mouths like you asked.

“Alright, have at it,” you panted, leaning back even more and spreading your thighs to give them plenty of room.

They had at it.

Two of the faceless things paid attention to your sack, two to the root of your cock, and two, standing on tip-toes, serviced your head. The moment they all began to touch you it was bliss, and you almost balked at how good it was. You wanted to verbalize your approval, made sure they knew just how amazing this felt, but as you watched it seemed they were more preoccupied with their work as workers than they were with the twisted sexual thrill you were getting.

In fact, the more you paid attention, the more you realized just how little human pleasure they were getting out of this. It was… goo alien pleasure they were getting. Rendering service to the chemical inheritor of their hive. Following that leader’s every whim without thought, shaping themselves into whatever tools you deemed fit for them to be…

F-fuck,” you gasped. Little black arms stroked and squeezed as much flesh as they could reach. You couldn’t help noticing just how big you looked compared to their miniaturized bodies. With your blood as hot as molten iron you focused on the way a thick vein was squeezed and stroked under a tiny black hand, glistening like you’d already come all over them.

You pumped out another bead of precum, and immediately, like bees to a flower, the pair nearest the head homed in on the dribble and covered the moisture with their faces to soak it up with their “mouths”.

“You like that, don’t you?” you grunted, not really caring if they would still understand you. Filters were off; you were giving yourself permission to say whatever the fuck you wanted. “Can’t get enough of my cock juice, can you?”

They were still fixated on your trail of pre, trying to figure out how to get more. Careful so as not to hurt them, but still with some confidence in your newfound authority over the creatures, you grabbed one by the head, savouring the feel of its warm, moist, squishy body between your fingers, and guided it to your hole. It eagerly latched on, sucking and probing. You gasped, bucking.

“Fuck, you’re a hungry little thing.” Upon seeing at how well the little critter took to being handled, you chanced it again, grabbing another one to wrap your hand around both it and your cock. “Keep that up and daddy’ll have enough protein to feed all of you…”

The pair massaging your balls were beginning to melt back into one blob of glossy black, but they only increased the intensity of their stimulation.

“Uhn… ahh…”

You couldn’t help bucking up into your hand as you began to stroke, crushing the one little goo person against you so thoroughly that it too, began to lose its cohesion as you smeared it along yourself like thick, black lube. But you didn’t seem to be injuring it, because it kept itself wrapped tightly around your hot, throbbing shaft.

The pleasure was intense and you were getting close. Muscles in your thighs and stomach tightened, your chemically-bound, alien minions were unwavering in their erotic loyalty.

As you began to feel yourself approaching that crest, though, a sensation caught you off-guard, but only for a moment because it felt so obscenely good. The top-most little goo person, stuck to the end of your dick like a leech as it greedily sucked up every drop of fluid you produced, began to slither into your hole and down your shaft.

“Oh fuck!” you growled, every cord in your body straining at the mind-blowing sensation. You didn’t give two shits that this thing was now inside of you, you really didn’t. With eyes as dilated as the night was dark, you watched with lecherous fascination as the last of the shiny black liquid was swallowed up by your throbbing head, massaging you from the inside out as it disappeared down, down into the root of your manhood.

The load you spurted right after that was enormous and you couldn’t help shouting out with every thick, sugary-smelling volley that left your balls. Your belly and thighs were coated in milky white, which was quite the aesthetic contrast against the enamelled black of the alien. Panting, you were utterly spent. Already your dick was sinking toward your leg as the remaining globs recombined, all while roaming your body in search of pheromone-laden cum.

The goo moved about you like an animal in search of treats, and through tired eyes you watched the now-shapeless thing happily absorb the remains of your climax.

“Still hungry, huh?” you chuckled.

It searched around a little more, having slurped up all of its monarch’s cum, and eventually found your cock again. You were about to order it to leave you alone for the rest of the night, but instead, it too, poked around until it came to the hole. That’s when you realized that the other one was still inside of you somewhere.

Something told you that it was going to be OK, though, that this thing didn’t pose any danger to you. Was its pheromones finally speaking back?

Laying back on an elbow, you gestured lazily to your limp shaft. “Just take it slow, alright? I’m still pretty sensitive.”

It did take it slow, though you’d never know if it was because it actually understood you, or if it was merely responding to subtle cues in body language, but it did. It approached your organ with something approaching reverence, and though you were still sensitive as fuck, it slipped in carefully, slowly, and you felt like someone was pumping liquid bliss down into your loins. You groaned as it, too, disappeared after a few moments, burbling its way down, down, and into your body where it belonged. Where it was safe.

Finally, you laid back down on your sleeping bag, hand on your belly as if you could feel it. All you could really sense was a warmth and a rightness, which seemed a little odd to you. But you could figure out all the technical details later, though.

“Computer, do a quick scan of my bio-readings again. Are you detecting anything unusual?”

“Scanning.” A beat. “A parasitic life-form appears to be present in your pelvic region.”

“Is it causing me any physical harm?”

“Negative at present. Please continue monitoring your condition and I will send the data to the medical team on the survey ship.”

“Uh, no. Belay that? Please, god?”

“Scan cancelled.”

Thank fuck.

“Tell them I might be coming home with… a new pet, though.”

Something wiggled near your prostate and you were half-hard all over again.

“Fuckin’..! Okay, you guys need to settle down in there. It’s…” You checked your watch. It was later than you thought! “It’s almost 2am local time, and the hours on this moon are only 48 minutes long. I need to get some sleep!”

The sensation stopped and you closed your eyes. But there was still one thing left to find out. Lifting one heavy eyelid, you wondered aloud: “Will it come back out when I tell it to, though?”

Just then a sensation like you had to urinate percolated in your belly, and your half-mast twitched and flexed as the little goo alien oozed out of you, burbling up at the tip of your cock like polyurethane pre.

You couldn’t believe how hot you were finding this to be. Still, you absolutely needed sleep.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” you mumbled. “You can stay in there for now.”

Actually, one final thought occurred to you as you felt the cum-hungry creature slip back down into your body and disperse itself among several points of pleasurable interest. You cracked a faint smirk as you began drifting off.

“Gotta train you to keep time, Sparky. Wouldn’t mind waking up with you hugging my dick every day…”