Nash Whitetip Roundup

These were originally posted separately, but I don’t got time for that! What I do have time for, though, is to copypasta the blurbs I gave him originally:

To celebrate(?) the death of sex-positive tumblr tomorrow, I’ve created a new OC! Nash Whitetip: a pansexual shark alien boy, size-shifter, bodyboarder, and mech pilot. He can grow up to 120′ feet tall, and is quite the kinky fucker wherever he is: on land, in the water, or in the cockpit of his space-faring robot that comes with its own dick that his nervous system can tap into like it was his own. He’s a definite dom – pretty cocky and a complete ham, but he doesn’t get off on hurting folks. He definitely enjoys teasing and toying, though… but enough about him for now.

So Nash’s cockthroat is lined with villi that become erect when he does, helping coax prey down deep into his thick shaft and full balls (with some massaging on his part of course) and making it so that they can’t get out until he’s done with them. Yum. He doesn’t digest his prey, much preferring to watch them wiggle out of his soft dick afterwards, flushed and panting, and absolutely coated in cockdrool.

Another favorite of his is feeling his prey masturbate while snuggled up tight in his sack, being stimulated by their movement and the vibrations from their voice, until eventually their fluids mix with his, and he gets to geyser out their combined pleasure~

And here’s a doodle of his teeth – too bad he’s not a hard vore pred, those chompers would be perfect for shearing little bodies apart.