Petrichor is a book I’m working on – or I should say, the book. I’ve only been talking about it for YEARS now, but I’m committed to finishing my first draft in the next few months. Unfortunately, because I’m a dopamine hog, this means working in more traditional isolation blows, and I need a steady stream of compliments to keep me motivated and thinking straight lol. So I’m posting what I’ve written so far online, and will, like a dick, withhold the end or third act or whatever so yinz have a reason to buy the damn thing.

Here’s the cover I’ve been sitting on for god knows how long:


And an art for my friend Olo, who’s been giving great feedback so far and had requested this scene!

I’ve honestly been trying to avoid drawing Gray because I never had much of an image in mind for her other than “sun-adapted, wiry, fit as hell”. She has some kind of short hair. Anyways, here she is, the lucky duck, getting tackled to the ground by this hot bastard while he literally takes some flak for her.