Self-awareness is scary, innit?

Was just randomly thinking today about how much I hate it when straight bros, who have never in their entire lives ever felt the need to examine anything about their sexuality because society lets them take it all completely for granted, act like their weird fetish is a completely normal part of hetero polite society. Which then has the effect of forcing everyone around them to sort of be complicit in it. Creators and artists are especially guilty of doing this.

I, for one, would appreciate it if we just… didn’t live completely unexamined sexual lives, especially you heteronormies. Not examining leads to the above forced complicity. It leads to weird social patterns in interpersonal relationships where you’re playing a game that maybe not everyone else around you is privy to. It leads to house-devouring tentacle tiddy statue collections becoming the new elephant in the room. It leads to weird and potentially harmful trends in the porn industry.

Earlier today I read an article about The Myth of the Male Bumbler, and how insidious it actually is when men pretend like they have no idea what’s going on. A lot of the times they know exactly what they’re doing. The difference is between the porn-tracing Milo Manaras of the world and the HR Geigers.

And it’s not that sexuality is bad. I don’t think anyone who isn’t a tired reactionary radfem is saying this. All I ask is that…

…guys, own your shit.

If it gets you off, stop trying to pass it off as some banal expression of nonsexual heteronormativity. Or worse, hiding behind the cover of “genre”. That’s, like, exactly how grooming for abuse works: doing something sexual and pretending, nay, insisting that it isn’t.

Don’t be a greasy fuck. We can see right through you.