Serial Fiction

Stories with multiple parts, both original and fan fiction. Organized chronologically.

Check the bottom of the first chapters for that story’s tags. (Except for the Hard Labor series, which are technically separate vignettes. Each chapter is different and has its own tags.)


  • Original Fiction
  • 29 chapters: ~50k words

TAGS: age difference, cute, dubious consent, friends with benefits, funny, gentle giant, happy ending, light D/s, M/f, magic growth, male giant, virginity

A powerful asshole; a beautiful hostage; a curse; a body and a household twisted by magic. You know the story.

Jack Ilyin is a millionaire CEO who’s life has been ruined by a vindictive spell, and Brooke Foster is the private investigator’s daughter who gets stuck helping him track down the woman responsible. Little does anyone realize that there’s another way to lift the curse… the question is, do they figure it out before it’s too late?

HARD LABOR (Complete)

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • 4 vignettes: ~15k words

TAGS: dubious consent, fear kink, heavy D/s, M/f, M/M/f, M/m (brief), sex work

(Check the vignettes for their separate tags.)

Following an OFC from the end of her internship at NERV as she works her way up a very peculiar company ladder at the behest of a certain purple eva unit – who is cruel, distant, and possesses an ego the size of the moon. Of course his motives are selfish.

Series takes place in a crack AU where the eva units are giant cyborg-human-angels who are not, in fact, piloted.