The KKCC Post-Mortem

So for a very long time I ran a chat group called Kiss Kiss Clang Clang. It was great. At first, when it was on Slack before Discord existed, it was small, and everyone in it got in through a personal invitation from me. Then Discord arrived, we moved, and over the next few years it stayed pretty small. Then it got bigger, but not huge. I needed mods.

My first mod helped me set up some bots, which was cool, and then wound up being a troublemaker who abused their position, did things I specifically asked them not to do, and then lashed out at me when I asked them to leave. So they were banned. After a while, I knew I needed to find another mod, so I did. I made my mod policy pretty clear from the get-go, and the next person seemed completely fine with this. But at the first real sight of conflict a few months later (a user literally just saying “fuck you” to somebody else), they booked it without warning or explanation, and immediately cut all ties with me, including banning me from their server. Not 48 hours before this I checked in with them and they expressed nothing but glowing excitement about “future plans” for the community. Mixed messages, much?

Drama ensued and evidently they felt the need to talk shit about me elsewhere, claiming that I was a control freak that had completely hamstrung them when in fact, they had the power to demote people and effectively mute them. Not to mention that they knew what their mod powers were from day 1. But they had previously expressed interest in banning people for doing things that they just didn’t personally like (that didn’t break rules) so like hell was I going to give them those privileges. I really should have spotted the immaturity red flags way sooner. Lesson learned.

At that point a couple other people who had come to be fun and frequent contributors to the server seemed to side with the AWOL mod from what they were saying in other servers, which sucked. Anyways, I basically said fuck it at that point. Spreading lies about me was pretty much the last straw, so I closed the server, made a new one, and invited anybody who wanted to join something that was once again small and more in line with my personal interests (rather than trying to accommodate just robophilia). A bunch of folks jumped ship with me.

All That Said

I’ll be finding as many old invite links as I can and updating them to the new server. If you’re into:

  • Robots
  • Vehicles
  • Macrophilia
  • BDSM/leather
  • Dub-con and fear
  • Guns, weapons, blood, edgeplay
  • Vore/endosoma
  • Weed

Then come hang out: